The One Thing That Made Reading Possible for Me

Ok. So I have something to confess. I think I've only told this to one person in my entire life. And it is a true story.

My reading comprehension is REALLY low. When I read something in my head, I don't get it. It doesn't make sense to me. I did okay on the ACT, but the part that I failed was the reading comprehension section. Which is why most of my life I have only read the young adult genre (lots of story, not much work).

About ten years ago, I had set a goal for myself. To be literate in the classics. I think there is true power in literature. But I knew I would never be able to achieve this goal without help because I couldn't understand what was on the page no matter how often I re-read it. 

Enter my life saver. No kidding. Last year I was able to read 75 books. Most people don't call listening to an audiobook, reading. And I would have to politely disagree. Being able to listen to audiobooks has opened countless doors for me (more on that to come). 

If you're new to Audible, check it out. Yes, they now have all the Harry Potter books! Jim Dale is probably the best narrator out there.

See my next post for a list of fantastic audiobook readers.

Jessica Smith