Favorite Audiobook Readers

Here is another post about Audible.com being my favorite thing. This time I want to focus on which readers are the best.

Jim Dale is by far and away the best audiobook reader. He's the one that reads the Harry Potter series and The Night Circus. His voice is just magical. And you may also recognize him from singing to the folks of Passamaquaddy.

Juliet Stevenson. She brings Jane Austen's books to life. She's a fantastic reader, so easy to follow. You may recognize her from a few movies as well.

Dan Stevens. Yes. The Beast is an incredible audiobook reader. I've listened to Frankenstein and And There Were None. Holy Moley. He pulled me into the story so quickly. So much so I couldn't listen to the book at night. I was too scared!!!

There are a few suggestion for you! I'd love to know if you found an audiobook reader that you love.

Jessica SmithComment