Pride and Prejudice Characters


Considered one of the best books written of all time. Would you agree? Also considered relevant today. Why do you think this book still feels current? Also, who doesn't enjoy a good loathing to love story.

Elizabeth Bennet

Some regard her as one of the greatest and most complex characters ever written.

Fitzwilliam Darcy

Is he prideful or is he prejudice. How long did it take for you to like Mr. Darcy. Some it takes awhile. Others see through his difficult exterior.

The Bennet Family

We love the Bennet's but they are trying at times.

Jane Bennet: is by far the most enjoyable. As the oldest daughter, she's often referred to as Ms. Bennet.

Elizabeth Bennet: Our heroine.

Mary Bennet: Where did she come from? She's so out of it socially. Cannot pick up any clues. Loves to play the piano and perform only.

Catherine Bennet: Most often referred to as Kitty. She just follows what Lydia does. 

Lydia Bennet: The youngest of the Bennet sisters. Has come out into public before her older sisters are married. Some look down on that fact. She is a bold character, eager to put herself forward and flirt with the officers.

Charlotte Lucas

Charlotte is Elizabeth's best friend. We know she's practical and plain looking. Very self-aware and practical. Many are frustrated by her fate. What do you think? 

Mr. George Wickham

A soldier in the local militia. Claims to have been jilted by Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Bingley

Jane's love interest. She's too shy to show it, but she likes him a lot. Her mother likes him even more! ($$)

Mr. Bingley's sisters are also prominent characters. Caroline Bingley dotes on Mr. Darcy and thinks she far superior to the society she finds herself in at Netherfield (Mr. Bingley's estate). Mr. and Mrs. Hurst are also mentioned. Not significant characters, but Caroline looks to her sister to share a good laugh with. And Mr.s Hurst just wants to play cards. #boring.

Mr. Collins

I don't know if there is a more ridiculous character that's ever been written. And I don't know that much has to be said about him. You'll learn far too much about him.

Lady Catherine De Bourgh

Mr. Darcy's aunt and extremely self-important. 

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